Frequent questions

  • Can MTA be used with massage oils or creams?

Yes, in fact it is recommended in sliding maneuvers.

  • Do you lose your grip when using massage oils or creams?

No, due to its use and ergonomics, it is easily stabilized with both one and two hands.

  • Is it resistant to falls?

Yes, MTA is made of a special resin with high resistance to impacts.

  • How can I clean my MTA?

Soap and water are recommended, although chlorhexidine-based antiseptic products could also be used.

  • What precautions should I take when using MTA?

This tool has been created mainly for professional use, although it can be used by the general public to treat contractures or muscle pain in some body areas, always advised by your doctor or physiotherapist.

– Do not massage on irritated or inflamed areas.

– Do not massage on bone reliefs or spine.

– Do not apply on wounds or mucous membranes. 

– Use with caution in case of being treated with anticoagulants.

– Do not use immediately after surgery.

– Do not use on skin rashes.

– Do not use in circulatory problems (deep vein thrombosis, varicose veins …)

– Use with caution in pregnant women. 

– The manufacturer and marketer company are not responsible for the inappropriate use of the tool.

– It is recommended not to generate pain with the application of the MTA. Press or massage, in any case, until you feel slight discomfort. Maintain pressure or massage until you notice muscle relaxation or relief of discomfort. It is advisable not to press for more than 90 seconds, or to massage for more than 3 minutes in the same area (even a shorter time for some skin types, if a slight skin irritation begins to appear). It is recommended to use a small amount of oil or massage cream previously on the skin, although the sustained pressure release maneuvers can be performed over clothing.

– If you have any doubts about its use, ask your trusted physiotherapist for advice. This will be able to advise you on the various parameters of use according to your specific case.

– For more information about the MTA tool visit our website

  • Is small white dots normal on my MTA?

Yes it’s normal. There may even be a small stain due to small impurities in the manufacturing material.

Looking for the best possible material, both in terms of resistance, durability, and ideal contact surface, at MTA we have chosen a resin that is highly resistant to impacts and that ensures a completely smooth contact surface without imperfections for both the patient and the physiotherapist.

For this reason, the tool is subjected to a final polishing process in a traditional way to ensure that the joint of the manufacturing process is completely smooth. This process can reveal small pores of the resin in which it is manufactured, but it will improve both the comfort of use and the durability of the tool.

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